Saturday, November 02, 2002

I saw it first

A few weeks after my 25th birthday, I took a trip to vegas with a few good friends of mine from childhood, who met me in this relatively central location from Michigan. We were tagging along with some avid gambler friends from the bay area who, found a us deal for $39 dollar rooms, something fairly unheard of these days. Among other things, I was delighted by my first trip to Bellagio, the lovely lovely fountains which transfixed me, and the better-than-average champagne brunch there...which featured chocolate dipped strawberries, a whole plate of them.

I also got to witness the pre-date "dance" of two said friends, who were by virtue of both being fans of autos enough to join the auto industry (for different reasons), getting to know each other better after having satellite circles of acquaintance through our childhood. "r, you should take e dancing. " :) Guys--if you're reading--I saw it first.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

What Started It All

The year I turned 25, old roomie and I decided to throw a party to remember. Although the cops did not show up this time...much fun was had by all, which is typically what happens when different social circles mix. Old roomie's friends really took "dressing up" to a new level, many of them coming in with group themes. The winning costume for the evening was a throwdown between anime couple, and hugh hefner/playboy bunny--I forget who finally won! See more of the festivities.